With this page you can create synthetic posteriors or likelihood for the effective inspiral spin, as described in Ng et al, Arxiv 1805.03046 (2018).
Please, cite that paper if you use this engine.
For the moment, we only support the parameters of that paper. This might change in the future.

Please select the SNR:

Now select the detector frame component masses:

or pick a range of chi_eff (allowed ranges: -0.7 to 0.7 for BBH; -0.2 to 0.2 for BNS).
First, choose the min value: Then, choose the max value:

If chi_eff is not fixed, please choose a specify distribution for the true chi_eff
uniform-chieff (Curve 1)
uniform-magnitude-isotropic (Curve 2)
uniform-magnitude-align (Curve 3a to 3b depending on mass ratio)
iso distribution aligned distribution

Please choose likelihood or posterior

Please select how many events you want to simulate (1-1000) (might take some time...):
Finally, select how many samples you want in each simulated posterior (500-3000) (might take some time)

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